The Wake Up and Live Benefit Concert is presented by the Xana Romeo Foundation which aims to assist disenfranchised young mothers with costly postnatal care and financial assistance with educational opportunities. Our foundation will assist some of these mothers with feminine products, baby clothes, baby diapers and other important maternal paraphernalia. All proceeds for this year’s show will go to the Women’s Center of St Ann.

We are excited to announce music performances from Xana Romeo, Max Romeo, Azizzi Romeo, Micah Shemaiah, Lutan Fyah, Derrick Morgan, and more!

Gates open at 1pm with live art in the daytime with musical vibrations from Gabre Selassie. Show begins at 3pm to 12am.

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"Xana Romeo Releases Debut Album Titled: Wake Up"


The ‘Wake Up’ project invigorates the atmoshere with the undilluted essence of Reggae music at a time when it is most needed. These powerfully delivered messages pulsate from speakers, and rest on the heart and mind of the listener. 

“Open your ears and get familiar with the word, sound, and power of this conscious daughter of the music,” is Selector Yaadcore’s commentary on the ‘Wake Up’ project; “It is very necessary in this time.”

With six full-length songs and five dub-versions, the 11 track compilation provides a balanced space for Xana to paint a beautiful tapestry with her lyrics and music, and also tunes the senses to the future of Reggae. The project will be available for purchase on all digital media platforms on Friday December 9, 2016. Xana Romeo invites all to join her in awakening humanity to its truest potential by spreading the message of universal love, peace and acceptance.  







Xana Romeo has emerged in this time as a prolific reggae siren with a powerful and distinctive message that resonates strongly among her generation of revolutionary youth. Awakening the senses with the contrast of her soothing melodies and energetic instrumentation, Xana flutters soulfully atop cool dub rhythms and electrifies the beat with potent lyrics that energise hearts and minds.

Born Azana Makeda Smith on August 26, 1994 in the historic Kingston community of Greenwich Town, Xana Romeo is a singer in possession of a voice and alluring presence as captivating as her mythical name.

The young reggae siren’s musical education began at a tender age under the keen eyes and ears of her father, veteran Reggae singer Max Romeo, a wise teacher who encouraged his youngest daughter at every step along her natural progression.

“I look up to my dad as an idol in the music business as he's the one who inspired me to do music for the people”, Xana says. After years of patient development, this child of the music stands poised to share her signature vocal stylings with the world.

Faithfully advancing along her musical path, Xana’s steady rise as a Roots, Dub, and Reggae artiste has been attracting positive attention from music lovers across the globe. Her talents extend beyond singing to also include song writing and the visual arts. This commitment to multi-dimensional creativity and self-sustainment stems from the example set by her father.

 “Given what I know of his substantial musical catalogue as well as his way of life, I can say from my heart he lives a life that one can model. His philosophy and ‘livity’ is close to the teachings of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, and this gives inspiration along my own journey.” 

Having grown in her musical expression as singer, composer, and arranger, and after years of gaining exposure from touring successfully with her family, Xana Romeo is now ready to share her music and message with all corners of the globe. 

 “The purpose of my music is the message. When someone listens to Xana Romeo's songs I want them to feel inspired and motivated to carry out any personal self-cleansing by the renewal of their minds.”

With a stream of impressive live performances and the release of several standout singles over the years including ‘Rate Rasta’, and ‘Righteous Path (Our Father)’, 2016 saw the release of ‘Mercy Please’, the first single from her debut album.

True to its reggae roots, the powerfully delivered message music from her upcoming ‘Wake Up’ project pulsates from the speakers, and is already creating tremendous excitement for the album’s November 2016 release date.
As we observe Xana Romeo’s steady rise from the pool of rich musical talent found in Jamaica, we can see the increasing momentum of her journey as well as the growth of her gift as a storyteller. Her music stands as testament to the resilience of the divine feminine spirit and the importance for this energy to be shared throughout the world.

There is much to look forward to and many more stories to be told by this enchanting songstress. Journey with her along her musical mission.




I first met this exceptional young lady in Kingston a few months ago, when I happened to interview her brother Azizzi Romeoafter a stunning performance he did at the Nanook. Quietly she sat in the background, and it wasn't until I'd almost finished questioning Azizzi that he introduced his sister to me. Of course I'd heard the singles Righteous Path and Rate Rasta, so I was thrilled to meet the artiste behind these masterpieces. Whatever subjects we didn't get to cover back then, we caught up in an interview following the release of her debut album Wake Up. With inspirational messages, a stand-out voice and appearance as well as a maturity well beyond her age, Xana is ready to take the world by storm. Read on to discover the passions and dreams of this upcoming Reggae Queen, as well as the unbelievable fact that there isn't a single vinyl pressing plant operative in Jamaica at the moment:



Forty years ago Maxwell Livingston Smith, better known as Max Romeo, released his classic album War Inna Babylon on Island Records. The album featured classic hits like “Chase The Devil”  (which would later be sampled by Kanye West for Jay Z’s song “Lucifer”). This song sent fans into a frenzy with its balance of  spiritual and conscious lyrics over the Lee “Scratch” Perry–produced riddim. Max Romeo “put on his iron shirt” and chased the Devil out of Earth with his lyrical prowess—and he’s still making music to this day. Now, four decades later, it should come as no surprise that his daughter is stepping forward along a similar  path. Azana Makeeda Smith, aka Xana Romeo, brings a unique feminine fierceness with her incendiary lyrics. She has a great vocal range and her enunciation is clear and precise, adding to the palpable power of her music. With herdebut album, Wake Upreleasing today, we linked with Xana Romeo, CEO of Charmax Music to discuss her debut album. 




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